Sleep Apnea

When you think of mouth guards, you may picture generic plastic trays that protect your teeth during sports activities. At the office of Zachary J. Holder, DDS, we do offer customized sports guards, but we can also use other special types of mouth guards to to prevent the harmful forces of teeth grinding that can result in wearing down of tooth enamel and even breaking and fracturing of teeth. We can even provide special lab-fabricated mouth guards that can help in the treatment of sleep apnea and to prevent snoring.

Is Teeth Grinding Giving You a Pain in the Neck?

Many people grind their teeth occasionally due to stress and tension. But some people experience chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) that leads to painful symptoms like head and neck pain, abnormal wearing of teeth, and TMJ.

If the uncomfortable symptoms of teeth grinding are disrupting your life, we urge you to contact our Baytown dental office. Our experienced doctors have been treating the painful symptoms of teeth grinding successfully for many years.

Using impressions of your teeth, we create a comfortable night guard that is effective for reducing chronic teeth grinding and its symptoms. We want to do everything possible to help you get the relief you need, but the only way we can determine if a splint will help you is by conducting a thorough exam.


Do You Have Trouble Tolerating Your CPAP Machine?

Snoring is another common problem that affects most everyone from time to time. But if your snoring is so excessive that it keeps your partner awake or leaves you feeing tired during the day, it may be a sign that you’re suffering from sleep apnea, or sleep disordered breathing.

Properly known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), sleep apnea occurs when your airway is blocked and you’re not receiving enough oxygen when you inhale. With OSA, you actually stop breathing in your sleep, and your body wakes itself up to restart breathing and restore the levels of oxygen.

Sleep apnea is a condition that needs to be confirmed by a physician, and for many patients, the solution is a CPAP mask. Unfortunately, most people find the mask to be clumsy and uncomfortable to wear, so they stop using it altogether.

At the office of Zachary J. Holder, DDS, we offer a comfortable alternative that can safely minimize the symptoms of sleep apnea. This comfortable device holds your mouth in a position that keeps your airway open so you can breathe comfortably. We will coordinate with your physician to make sure you are receiving the safest, most appropriate treatment.


Protect Your Oral Health with Athletic Mouth Guards

Dental injuries are an unfortunate consequence of playing sports – falls, collisions with other players, contact with hard surfaces, and contact with equipment can all lead to dental trauma. Considering this, it’s easy to see the importance of protecting your teeth and mouth with an athletic mouth guard during sports.

Since we use impressions of your teeth, our athletic mouth guards are much more effective than generic guards purchased over-the-counter. They’re also made of a much more rigid material, and the result is superior protection for your teeth. 

Please Contact Our Office

If you’re bothered by teeth grinding or excessive snoring – or you just need a high-quality sports guard to keep your family’s teeth safe and healthy – give us a call. Dr. Holder, Dr. Kirkpatrick, and our team look forward to helping you!