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  • “The office staff and Dr. Holder were super polite. Office was clean . The whole procedure that I would need was explained thoroughly with different options and any questions I had were answered without rush and politely . It was a great experience and I am very happy to have found a new dentist and dentist office. Thanks for a great job !”
  • “Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Holder are excellent dentists! I’ve been going to Dr. Kirkpatrick for 20 years and I highly recommend him and Dr. Holder! Their hygienist, Deleesa Ross, is the most gentle and thorough hygienist I’ve ever been to!!”
  • “Always a positive experience. The staff are always cordial, friendly and professional, which I appreciate. The same goes for the doctors, of course. Keeps me coming back (but no more than necessary!).”
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Crowns, Bridges, & Implants

Our goal is to provide you with treatments that restore the health, beauty, and function of your smile. Restorations like crowns and bridges are essential for repairing teeth that have been compromised by decay or other damage.

We believe that high quality dentistry includes cosmetic and restorative treatments that not only enhance your oral health but also improve your appearance. Our innovative solutions will optimize your dental health and leave you with a smile that you love.

We understand that having a crown or bridge placed is an investment in time and money on your part, and you should be thrilled with the results. Generations of families have trusted their dental care to us, and you can be confident that Dr. Zachary J. Holder and Dr. Jesse B. Kirkpatrick will craft a durable dental restoration that will improve your oral health and help you feel great about the way you look.

Restore Function and Beauty with Dental Crowns

A dental crown fits over the entire tooth to restore its shape and size and provide support. To place a crown, we start by preparing your natural tooth so that the crown will fit perfectly. Next, we take impressions that are used to create your final crown. You'll wear a temporary crown for about two weeks, and then return to our office so we can place the crown securely over your tooth.

Crowns are most often used to strengthen a weakened tooth, protect a tooth after root canal treatment, or put the final touch on a dental implant. Here are some other uses for dental crowns:

  • Repair teeth with large cavities, cracks, or other damage
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Provide a functional tooth that completes a dental implant
  • Build up poorly shaped or misaligned teeth
  • Conceal severely stained or discolored teeth
  • Replace an existing crown that is worn, broken, or unsightly

In our effort to do everything to make sure your dental treatments are as comfortable as possible, we use a product called Teethmate Desensitizer. This product is used under our crown and filling restorations to reduce the chance of post-operative sensitivity. Using this product, it is very rare that our patients experience any sensitivity issues after treatments because of the use of this and other products under our dental restorations.

All our crowns are fabricated at a high-quality dental lab to our exact specifications. We only use local, US labs and never outsource to cheaper, less quality labs overseas. As a result, our crowns are better fitting, of higher quality, and there is no question as to the type or quality of metal or materials that we will be placing into our patient’s mouth. We create beautiful, durable crowns that are sure to exceed your expectations!

Implant-Supported Crowns

If you're interested in adding exceptional stability to your dental crown, dental implants have proven to be a very effective solution for replacing missing teeth. Implants are often used as a stand-alone tooth replacement, but they're also an effective way to secure and stabilize crowns, bridges, and even dentures. Implants are considered to be a permanent tooth replacement because they are rooted securely in your jawbone. 


Introduction to Dental Implants

Single Tooth Implant Restoration

Multiple Teeth Implant Restorations


Fixed Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a restoration that includes an artificial tooth used to fill the empty space left after a natural tooth is lost. The bridge is usually made as a single unit and includes the artificial tooth (pontic) held in place by crowns that attach to the adjacent teeth.

The process for placing a bridge is similar to that of a crown. We prepare the teeth, take impressions, then send them to a top dental lab where your restoration is custom-crafted. At your next visit, we’ll adjust the bridge as necessary to ensure a perfect fit and a fully functioning tooth.

Would you like to learn more about our options for restoring your healthy smile? Please call our Baytown dental office, and we’ll be happy to make an appointment for a consultation at your convenience.

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